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Expanding Response to Change

Change Management Consulting

Cost efficiencies, globalization, e-Learning, diversity, government compliance, e-business, social responsibility, and telecommuting are just a few of the factors driving major change in the way businesses operate. Change has become a constant in the corporate environment.  Organizations that learn to work with, rather than against, change will have a distinct competitive advantage.  Their resiliency and resourcefulness will allow them to prosper from change rather than merely get through it.

 BEI can help your organization improve its ability to manage change created by new:

  • Systems

  • Processes

  • Strategies

  • Structure


Our change model, Change for Results™, provides both a systems approach to change and a change process for managing specific change projects. It is a holistic approach that focuses on organization configuration, people, workflow/value map, organization characteristics, and resources. This approach provides a framework for managing the business at a systems level, and/or ensuresthe successful implementation and management of the change initiative, and also transfers the knowledge and skills of the change management process to the organization so that success is repeated with future change initiatives.

n addition to assisting your organization implement change management as your business framework or helping your organization through a specific change initiative, we also offer Change for Results™ workshops that develop change management as a competency in your organization. 



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