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Expanding Response to Change


The Finance Group within Ford Motor Company launched a reengineering project to streamline and improve financial systems and processes within the company.  They needed to train on the new financial applications and processes as well as the changing role of the financial analyst.  The training needed to utilize a variety of learning strategies and be ready just as applications were ready to be deployed.

As part of the change management team, BEI first created specific learning paths for each target audience based on each release of the new finance system.  Next, BEI developed a Blended Learning Strategies Model to help in selecting methods and media for each release.  Then, an evaluation strategy was integrated into the learning system design to capture metrics around the change as well as the effectiveness of the training.  Finally, 55 learning interventions (classroom, web based, single point lessons, paper-based, and online user guides) were developed to support the learning paths and the changing role of Finance.


Ford Motor Company needed to examine the effectiveness of its current Safety Leadership Initiatives (SLI) as well as determine various performance interventions that would help the company continue in its efforts to create an injury free work environment.  These interventions needed to address risk and reward (safety performance measures and feedback), learning (to operationalize and personalize safety), and culture/communication systems (attitude and behavior).

BEI worked with the company’s senior management, plant leadership and first line supervisors to conduct a needs assessment to define the gap that existed between the current state and the desired state (zero tolerance for unsafe actions and zero injuries).  Next, BEI prepared and presented an analysis of findings along with recommended interventions to eliminate the performance gap.  These interventions focused on building on the success of current initiatives, changing culture, behavior, mindset, and values, and setting and measuring safety standards.


Turning Strategy Into Action
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