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Managing the Enterprise Infrastructure

The Michigan Family Independence Agency needed to move from an annual paper-based appraisal process to a web-based performance management system. 

BEI provided content for the web-based performance management program in the areas of performance planning, coaching, performance conference, monitoring, and an introduction that included an overview of performance management and the benefits. In addition, BEI created behavioral descriptions for existing competencies to serve as the content for the new web-based performance management system.  Learning maps (a developmental aid that identifies actions employees can take to close gaps between current and expected performance) were also developed for the online system to aid in the creation of individual development plans.

BAX Global wanted to measure the impact that turnover was having on the organization.

BEI provided exit-interviewing services so that trends and patterns could be identified and used to improve employee relations and company policies. Interviews were conducted over the course of a year. Results were aggregated to maintain the confidentiality of individual respondents and presented in a written report to senior management.


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