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Turning Strategy into Action

Support the State Employees Credit Union (SECU) in its desire to certify the positions of Branch Assistants (Tellers) and Member Service Representatives and provide enhanced training and development opportunities for employees in these positions.

Working with SECUís Training and Development Department, BEI designed and developed an Assessment Center.  First, BEI created behavioral descriptions for the technical, customer service and leadership skills as well as the essential core competencies for these positions.  Next, skill and competency driven assessments were created using a variety of testing methods such as ďin basketĒ, role play, group discussion, interview and checkpoints (written tests). 

An Assessorís Guide was created to provide guidance during the various phases of the assessment process (assessing, scoring, analyzing, providing results, and developing a plan).  To aid assesses in identifying actions to improve performance, BEI developed Learning Maps (a developmental aid that identifies actions employees can take to close gaps between current and expected performance).  BEI also developed the necessary assessment forms, and provided training and coaching for the assessors of the center.

Ford Motor Company Human Resources and the Ford Fund needed to create a community service program that would foster teamwork and leadership skills in the employees via community service projects.

Initial steps involved working with the companyís senior management to document business goals and objectives as well as the needs and opportunities within the local non-profit community.  Using this data, BEI designed and developed a corporate community service program that aligned with the business goals of Ford, the volunteer needs of the community, and the interest of the employees.  Since itís inception in 1999, this program has facilitated the involvement of well over 3000 teams in community service projects.

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